Title Loans in Brookfield, WI

If you are in the market for a short-term loan with great benefits, you might want to learn more about title loans in Brookfield. These are neat alternative loans that come with competitive interest rates, affordable payment plans and cash in just a day. Homeowners, college kids, housewives and entrepreneurs have all come to learn about the great options that vehicle title loans can provide. Fortunately, the state of Wisconsin allows title loan customers to take as long as six months to repay their loans. With this kind of flexibility, you can improve your finances, plan a vacation, pay off lingering debt or anything else that’s important to you. Red Maple Financial provides a simple, fast loan process that makes it easy to get a loan, which saves customers time and money. You can apply online any time you need extra cash, and we’ll approve your application in no time. Loan interviews are conducted over the phone, so it’s not necessary to make special arrangements. You simply sign a contract at a nearby loan store and collect your cash.

Securing Title Loans Brookfield

To get the largest possible loan offer with the best interest rate, you are required to secure the loan with the auto title to your vehicle. Securing a loan is a common practice in the lending industry. We simply, use the title of your vehicle to apply a lien against your vehicle. A secured loan makes it possible to sell the vehicle if the borrower should default on the loan. When the loan is completely paid off, the lien is removed, and the title is returned to the vehicle owner.

How Loan Quotes Are Figured for Title Loans Brookfield

Loan quotes are usually determined by the title lender and state laws can also come into play. In our case, we look up the latest value of your vehicle at Kelly Blue Book to begin the process. This gives us a basis to start with. Next, we consider your average income to verify, you have enough money to make affordable payments.

In Wisconsin, state laws don’t allow title loans in Brookfield to exceed more than 50 percent of the car’s value. The maximum loan amount is also set at $25,000. Typically, loan amounts can range from a several hundred to thousands of dollars.

Submitting the Short Application Form

Most applicants prefer to submit applications for title loans in Brookfield through our website. The application is available 24/7, so it is convenient for the majority of customers. It is also possible to fill out a form to apply at a loan store, or we would be glad to complete your application over the telephone.

To take care of the legal considerations, we must receive the title to car or truck, which must show your name as the legal owner. If you have a source of income and a working vehicle, we hope you’ll submit an application with the following data:

Discovering the Title Loan Benefits

Get the money you’re looking for today with quick, easy title loans in Brookfield.